Elements of Being Stylish – Dressing For Your Shape


The first step is to understand and feel comfortable with your body shape and coloring.

If we’re to believe what we see on television or read in fashion magazines, “normal” women appear to be a size 8-10 (US 6-8), 180 centimeters (5’9″) tall, have a perky 12B bust and are aged 18.

Hmmmmm. In reality, it’s more like this.

In Australia, the average woman is actually size 16 (US14), about 165 cms (5’4″) tall and weighs 74kg, wears a 14D bra and is 37.
The average American woman wears a size 14 (UK16) dress, is 5’5″ (166 cms) tall, weighs 142 lbs (75kg) and is 44 years old.
In the UK the average woman wears a size 14 (US12) is 5’3″ (162 cms) tall, weighs 147 pounds (66 kg) and is 38.

Research by beauty company Dove shows today’s models weigh an average of 23 per cent less than the average woman. Twenty years ago, that difference was 8 per cent.

Sydney University Lecturer, Dr Jenny O’Dea, an expert in women’s body attitudes, studied the Dove research results and in conjunction with her own research stated: “Women all around the world are faced with pressure to conform to extremely narrowly defined ideals of beauty. The ideal in Western countries is an unachievable level of idealized perfection that includes a dangerously low body weight; an unnaturally young age of perceived beauty (for example often pre adolescent, pre pubescent); unblemished skin (no lines, freckles, spots, moles or acne marks); and often, racist in that it defines beauty very narrowly – the slim, white woman with blonde hair.”

So the most important lesson for all of is – embrace your looks and body because you are normal! Real women are beautiful. Real women are not underweight or underage. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, just the way she is.


So, what about your body shape?

It’s important to understand your basic body shape so you know what type of clothes are going to suit you best. There are six classic horizontal body shapes and three vertical shapes. You may not fit exactly into one of the shapes, you may be a hybrid of two or perhaps three. In that case it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can about each of the shapes so you start to get an idea of the negative and positive aspects.

The Triangle (or Pear) Shape is the most common shape for women. You and millions of others lament, “My hips are too big. My butt sticks out too far. These jeans don’t fit in the waist!” If this sounds familiar, you are a triangle. You also may be a triangle if you feel insecure about the size of your bust. In other words your hips may not be overly large but your bust is smaller in proportion.

You need to balance your hips by widening your shoulders.
Tops with horizontal stripes or jackets with small shoulder pads can give more visual width to the top half of your body and bring the lower body half into balance.
There’s also several rules you need to follow for top and jacket lengths, and skirt and pant styles.

Inverted Triangles are just that – an upside down triangle who is wider through the shoulders and sometimes the bust and narrower at the waistline and hips. Often, women with this body shape are naturally athletic. Many inverted triangles who are short have a large bust line, while others are slim and tall and just have wide shoulders.

The narrow hips and waistline with a full bust or wide shoulders is the key to identifying individuals with this shape. Inverted triangles need to avoid shoulder pads or any other items that add to shoulder width – such as epaulets or ruffles that jut out from a sleeve at shoulder level.
As a rule, this body shape is shown off to best advantage with crisp tailored styles in fabrics with a tighter weave. A dark single breasted jacket with wide light colored pants will balance the inverted triangle shape.
Choosing pants and skirts in the right color, fabric and style will have a big impact on your overall look. There’s also certain types of top styles and dress styles you need to avoid so your shoulders don’t look even wider.

Typical Oval shaped bodies have a large bust area, a large waist measurement with a relatively smaller hip measurement. So the challenge is making the oval shape look a little longer and leaner. Oval shapes are often shorter in stature but can still have a very shapely leg and arm. This body shape can look quite awesome however as one of their key fashion styles is to show off a fabulous cleavage.

For starters you need to concentrate on vertical lines and avoid tucked in tops.
V necked tops look best, along with soft flowing plain or small prints to show off curves. Wearing monochromatic (single color) outfits will create a longer and slimmer line.
Ladies with this shape are flattered by tops and skirts with uneven hemlines, as demonstrated by the lovely flowing two piece ensemble on the right.
Three quarter sleeves are the best choice and even then, they can also be uneven and draped.

A Diamond’s body weight is concentrated in the mid-section and generally is accompanied by hips that are average to wide and thighs that carry a little extra weight. Most Diamonds have average to narrow shoulder width and often have legs and arms that are slimmer than the rest of the body. The major concern of ladies with a Diamond shape is how to disguise the tummy area.Women often are confronted with this shape after pregnancy. Some bounce back into their pre-pregnancy jeans and some are left with a little extra tummy to love. For others the Diamond shape comes as a natural “jewel of aging” when metabolism slows and there is a genetic tendency to store extra weight in the mid-section.

It’s best to avoid anything overly fitted, patterned, contrasting or tailored through the waist.
Dresses with empire waistlines will make the waist appear higher and elongate short legs.
The long line jacket drapes softly and draws attention to the upper area of the body whilst hiding the mid section.
The Hourglass figure is usually every woman’s dream, but depending on the proportions, can be difficult to dress.

You have an Hourglass shape if your bust and hip measurements are similar and your waist is about 10 inches (25 cm) smaller. Your bust, hips, thighs and buttocks tend to be full and rounded and you may also have a slightly rounded tummy area. In a word you are curvaceous. An hourglass lady can look wonderful or tarty depending on her clothes style. She needs to avoid clingy/too tight tops and anything with straight darts. She should resist hiding her curves under baggy clothing, which will only add pounds to her appearance.

Without establishing the waistline, hourglass figures are in danger of looking overweight. Yet, over fitting of the waist looks cheap because it emphasizes bust and hips.
Princess seams – seams that originate in the middle of the shoulder or at the arm hole seam and run through the bust point to the hem line – allow hourglass figures to accommodate their bust, waist and hip contours.
A wide necked fitted blouse provides the hourglass figure with definition around the torso.

If you have an athletic figure and not much waist definition, then you have a Rectangle shape. The rectangular body has little or no waistline definition, is often short waisted and is sometimes referred to as a ruler shape. Rectangles can be tall or short. Some are very slender and petite. Others may be a maturing hourglass figure whose added waistline inches are now close to that of the bust and hips.

The key to dressing the rectangle shape is to provide the illusion of a defined waistline which make you look more curvy.
Choose empire styles, shirtwaist and wrap styles, if the belt is of the same material and is not wide and contrasting.
Add a camisole under the wrap style if it is too low. Avoid stiff fabrics. A wrap style dress provides the rectangular body shape with waist and hip definition.

Of course there’s more to it than these basic horizontal shapes!

There’s also the vertical dimensions – such as long torso with short legs, short torso with long legs; as well as arm shapes and leg shapes to consider.

When you know how, you can create illusions which completely change your look. It’s amazing what can be achieved with clothing, color, texture and accessory variations…

Stylish Dressing For Late Summer

Numerous Knits

Knits in all shapes and sizes are appearing on the high street for the coming seasons, so buy your cover-up now and you will have a head start on your wardrobe for the autumn. Make sure you choose your knit carefully though, consider the scale and style as well as the pattern and, of course, the colour. If you are not sure where to begin a Colour Analysis or Style Consultation will show you.

Cosy Cardigans

The classic cardigan is a great wardrobe staple and available in varying styles with short, long or three-quarter length sleeves, v-neck, round neck or crew neck. If you often find standard sleeves are too long for your arms, dont worry, you have options! Fashion is becoming even more feminine and you will see this in details such as frilled edges or bows or full or puff sleeves. Full sleeves are great for triangle shapes who want to make their shoulders appear broader and the frill detail can work well on rectangle body shapes who need to emphasise the bust line (to make the waist appear more defined).

The oversize cardigan is coming back in a range of lengths and styles. These are always popular because they look elegant and can double up as a coat. They work well for rounder figures as soft wools complement bigger curves by draping nicely down the bodyline, rather than the constructed fabrics which look stiff and unflattering on these body shapes. Petites should stick to plain colours and avoid large patterns as they will swamp you. The belted option should be avoided by rounded and rectangle figures – if you dont have a defined waist, you will gain pounds by adding a belt!

Pretty Pashminas

As an alternative to all the above, the pashmina is still a favourite. It can be a daytime cosy wrap or a perfect evening accessory. The cape is also a lovely option for both day and evening wear and looks feminine and stylish. They are particularly useful if you are wearing an outfit with puff sleeves as you will not crease them by squeezing them into a jacket!

Parka Perfection

The nylon parka is still a great outerwear investment as it is practical yet stylish.

The metallic trend continues and a parka in a metal shade will carry you through from daytime to evening and still looks smart. Cropped and swing jackets with varying sleeve lengths are perfect for late summer, just be sure to choose one that suits your body shape. Triangles shapes should avoid swing jackets, (the A-line will emphasise the triangle shape) and opt for straighter cuts with padded shoulders or a puffed sleeve. Rounder figures should choose a jacket in a softer, deconstructed fabric and boyish figures with no defined curves should opt for a crisper material with some detail around the bust, such as pockets, to give the illusion of a waist.

Great Nursing Dresses

Versatile and stylish, dresses are a wonderful addition to the nursing mother’s wardrobe. From casual sundresses to tailored work dresses to stunning LBDs, dresses add style as well as comfort and ease to one’s day. For nursing mothers, this comfort and ease is very important as one is extremely busy with one’s beautiful newborn and just the busyness of daily life. Dresses are an instant outfit, ensuring one will look and feel great by simply throwing one on. Nursing dresses in particular are designed with easy and discreet nursing access, striking the perfect combination between style and function. Whatever one’s needs are, there is a nursing dress which is right for you.

Casual nursing dresses are a fun and functional option for the nursing mother’s wardrobe. Perfect for everything from running around town to a nice brunch, casual dresses are stylish and comfy. One very popular option this season is the Beach Maternity Nursing Dress from well-known maternity fashion designer 1 in the Oven. This gorgeous maxi dress, available in mud pie, white, or summer blue, makes a fantastic casual addition to your wardrobe. Made of a light-weight gauze fabric, you will never feel weighed down in the soft and flowing dress. A v-neck and spaghetti straps create a gorgeous neckline which frames your face beautifully. With an empire waist design, the fit is very flattering. For easy nursing access, a four button closure is provided. Perfect when paired with strappy sandals or flip flops, this nursing dress is both stylish and comfortable. Another great casual option is the Jade Nursing Dress from fashion forward designer Maternal America. This dress is a great option since with flat sandals a beautiful casual outfit is created yet it can easily be dressed up when paired with a gorgeous pair of heels. A crossover design provides easy and discreet nursing access while also creating a striking neckline. Draping over the belly beautifully, this jade dress is flattering and comfortable. Casual dresses are a great daily option for nursing mothers, as they are stylish yet easy to wear.

Nursing dresses are also a great option for the workplace. You do not have to waste time in the morning figuring out which outfit put together, since a dress is an instant outfit by itself. This season, one nursing dress stands out above the rest as a stylish and work appropriate option: the Kora V-Neck Maternity/Nursing Dress from well-known designer Olian. Simple yet classy, this dress is knee-length and long sleeved, a work appropriate option while still being incredibly fashionable. A v-neck and empire waist create a very flattering shape, one which embraces your baby bump during pregnancy while creating a slimming look after giving birth. Easy nursing access is achieved a pull to the side design. A beautiful deep blue color adds the finishing touches to a great dress. Perfect for work, it can easily be transitioned into the evening with the simple addition of jewelry or strappy heels. Easy yet stylish, appropriate dresses are a great work option for nursing mothers.

Little Black Dresses, or LBDs as they are more affectionately known, are a go to option for many women, and nursing mothers are no exception. Stylish and flattering, they are guaranteed to make you look and feel great. There are many great nursing LBDs, and one cute option is the Lucy Maternity/Nursing Dress from 1 in the Oven. Wide shoulder straps and a pretty scoop neck are paired with a figure flattering empire waist. Perfect with flats or heels, a great statement necklace or a beautiful pair of earrings, it is very versatile. Incredibly easy nursing access is created by simply lifting the top layer at the empire waist to access two nursing slits to breastfeed directly. With easy and discreet nursing access as well as a flattering design, this LBD is a great option. Little Black Dresses are stylish, versatile, and always appropriate. Add one or two to your wardrobe and you will have guaranteed go to outfits!

Overall, nursing dresses are a great option for the nursing mother as they are easy, comfortable, and fashionable. With such discreet nursing access, they can easily be worn both before your baby is born and long after you have stopped breastfeeding. With the right dress, you will look and feel great.

Dating Service – How to Dress to Impress on a First Date

Love at first sight proverb is the proof of the fact that looks matter in the personality of a person. Dressing well is one of the great personality traits. People having good dress sense are more social and more confident as compared to people who usually aren’t dressed appropriately for an occasion.

People going on their first date are really cautious about the way they look and how they should dress up. They need advice from the dating service. Dating service can lead them how to dress and impress the other person. It is really a fact of life that people who look good are liked by other people.

How to dress to impress on a first date is a big question mark. The simple answer is that you should dress the way you look good and feel comfortable. There are some important things which you should remember when you choose the right dress for your first date. These are color of the dress, material that you are wearing and the style of dress you have chosen. The most important thing is that you should be comfortable in that dress.

People usually say that this is my color. This means that color suits them. Different color suit different people and this is all related to their skin complexion. People having fair complexion look good in dark colors and dark people look good in light color clothes. So, choose the color of dress according to your complexion.

Another important thing is the time at which you are wearing the dress. If you going on date in day time, prefer light and soft colors, while choose dark and hot colors at night. If you are a female, beautify yourself with makeup and jewelry which is according to your dress.

Dressing style is also one of the aspects which dating service advises to focus on. You should really know how to carry the dressing style you have worn. Better wear a simple style and be at ease than to wear a stylish dress which you don’t know how to carry. It really leaves a bad impression if you cannot carry your dress. Dress according to the environment.

Avoid sexy dresses on the very first date. It will not impress the partner rather it will have bad impact on the other person. So, avoid vulgar dressing and choose a nice and descent dress. Don’t be very careless about your appearance. This gives impact that this date was not really important and special for you.

Remember, you should wear what suits you. The dress in which you are easy should be preferred over the dress which is beautiful but you are not comfortable in it. Keeping these tips in mind can really help you in impressing your date.

High Fashion Dresses – Without Fashion High Prices!

Showing off your femininity is a big part of women’s fashion and one that is not likely ever to be replaced or lost in time. Fashion dresses have always been an important staple in any woman’s wardrobe but this year you’ll find women’s dresses to be a great combination of casual and elegant. Did you ever think you could look fabulous and be comfortable at the same time? We can show you some extremely stylish dresses to consider for your next event or to simply add to your collection that do both.

First, what you want to consider is the material of the dress you’re considering. Materials that are most comfortable and utilized in women’s casual clothing are cotton, jersey knit and polly lycra. These materials form with every curve of your body, are soft to the touch and so amazingly comfortable you could spend all day in them. The only other aspect of choosing the right holiday dress for you is to make sure it is not too short. If you are constantly worried about the length of your dress there is no way you can be comfortable. Just above the knees is generally the perfect length no matter how tall you are.

Now that you have an idea of the different comfortable fabrics dresses can be found in, let’s talk about style. The number one style today designed by Elan International is a long sleeve fashion dress made out of polly lycra with cinching at the waist. It is a simple dress with a low cut neckline, long sleeves, waist cinching and a great sense of flow to add to the equation. This dress is a perfect example of a fashion dress that can be worn for a simple dinner out, an extravagant party or even to your office during the work week. With a simple black dress like this it is the accessories that define the event you are heading to. No jewellery at all suggests a more casual look and sparkling jewellery suggests evening wear.

If you’re looking for a fashion dress that will make more of a statement this low cut halter top dress is just for you. Elan International has created an extremely sensual yet elegant evening dress that can be worn to nearly any occasion. It looks great and is comfortable too. With a low draping neckline, a twisted neck strap and a form fitting figure throughout you are sure to be looking your best in this fashion dress.

Each of the dresses mentioned here are not only just a taste of what Elan International has to offer but they are also available for a fraction of the price in comparison to other designer dresses on the market today. Shopping online is a great way to save on your fashion dresses and it can be a fun way to shop as well! If you currently have no fashion dresses in your closet it is time to for you to jump into the future of women’s casual clothing!

Prom Dresses Never Change

Prom dresses will always be the major topic amongst the many enthusiastic young girls eager to look their very best on prom night. Prom, short-term for promenade, is a formal gathering of secondary school students during the end of the school year, May or Month. The standard in formal wear for boys is a black or white outfit regardless of the time of the event. At times the boy’s bowties and vests are paired with vibrant color based on the theme and also the color of his

date’s gown. The girls dress in traditional dresses with a corsage, given by their escorts, and girls give boys matching boutonnieres to be worn on their lapel. Prom dresses haven’t changed from the 1980’s to the present 2010.

The prom dresses of the eighties always had extra fabric added in the design. These dresses were generally colorful and basically of darker shades. The most important thing about prom dresses during the 1980’s was the usage of stunning gold, steel silver, beautiful pinks and electric blues. The gowns were really daring in their structure and quite often attracted interest at all prom parties. These gowns often touched the shins sweeping onto the floor. These body-hugging dresses had designs made of sequins or even ruffles. The kinds of fabrics used were basically lovely silks or velvets and soft satins. Lace and pearls were as well included into the design.

Vivid and bold hues are back in fashion while the light pastels and washed-out whites of past proms are out. This particular year, it is time to stand out and shine in a striking shade. Bright oranges, pinks, and yellows will surely be seen in the prom court this year. Allow me to share two of a bright yellow and orange prom gowns, the Tony Bowls Evenings TBE21001 and Sherri Hill #3802.

Sequins, rhinestones, beads, and gems are all the rage this season. A splash of glittery accessories is actually the simplest way to include some great style to a simple dress. And also, nothing attracts the light and draws eyes like flashy jewels. Here’s a prom dress with sequins, Faviana Dress #6635.

Short, full skirts, if you’ve ever thought of being a prima ballerina, this particular stylish dress is definitely the style for you. To find this style, you will want to look for prom dresses with knee-length, poufy skirts and tight bodices. The tight bodice will flaunt your stunning waist and upper body while the full skirt is sexy and amusing.

Tie-dyed is the casual, devil-may-care look of tie-dyed t-shirts when you were just a little child. Luckily for you, the tie-dyed look is back and it is not just for t-shirts anymore. You’ll find prom dresses in a literal kaleidoscope of hues for every physique and shape. If you love the concept of a tie-dyed gown, put on strappy gold or silver sandals with your dress to step your style factor up a notch.

Prom dresses haven’t evolved much for the past two decades; designers might have modified the styles of prom dresses a bit but the gowns continue to incorporate the basic traditions. You can look for this look by browsing through the various sites online that cater these styles. You can also check out specific clothing stores in your town.

Do You Wear a Black Dress to a Black Tie Affair?

A common staple that is often found in many women’s closets is the basic black dress. This is the fall back on fashion that can replace most any other dress for basically any affair she may wish to attend. That little basic black party or evening dress came into vogue back in the nineteen twenties when Coco Chanel gave the dress recognition as the one piece of clothing every woman must have in their closet. It filled in for most any other style and color of dress when all else were dismissed because they were just not right for the occasion she was attending.

Today that little basic dress is more popular than ever, due to the styles that are popular today. Whether she accessorizes or not, the simple honesty of this dress is timeless. When “bling” is added to this dress however, it can be deemed appropriate attire for a ball or evening gala. Basic styling with simple lines and not too much frill is all that is needed to allow the lady wearing this dress entry into the finest ball, nightclub, or fine dining establishment.

So whether you are planning to attend a high school reunion or attend some evening affair that you know will be formal, that basic black stylish dress will do the job with perhaps a little addition here and there.

The dress should be a shift or a-line, modest and not too frilly. The skirt can be hemmed just above the knee or be ankle length. While this simple yet elegant dress draws attention to the wearer by its stylish appeal and eye catching simplicity, the lines of it should be complementary to the woman wrapped up inside it. When some costume jewelry is added on, this creates a formal look that fits in almost anywhere.

Strapless depicts an elegance that complements most any wearer, when added to that, a V shaped neck line will cameo her face. A ruffled top gives the dress a formal look yet the woman has a youthful appearance when wearing that style. The waist line emphasizes her slenderness, while the hip area flows outward (if the skirt portion of the dress is full), to give fuller hips a slightly trimmer appearance. A semi tight skirt should show off her hour glass style figure in a flattering manner and give the appearance of height, particularly to a woman who may be a bit shorter in stature. A wide black leather belt will add to the appeal of this fashionable looking black dress.

Sleeves may be short, long, or absent altogether and maintain a fashionable stylish look that offers the attention to detail look that gives every woman who wears one favorable response from those who see her. The stunning little basic dress in black can be fabricated from a wide assortment of materials including velvet, leather, jersey, or even velor.

As with other styles of women’s wear, the dress that she wears for most occasions will be the one she loves and feels most confident in.

Getting Dressed for the Holiday Office Party

As the holiday season approaches companies will start planning their festive parties. It’s often difficult to decipher the various dress codes listed on the invitation like “updated casual,” “festive attire,” or “dressy attire.” Follow these tips to look stylish and festive – and to ensure you are appropriately dressed at all business gatherings this holiday season.

Updated Casual

An invitation that states “updated casual” indicates a dress code somewhere between business formal and weekend casual. It is a little dressier than your business casual. You can definitely wear business formal dress (a suit), but here are a few of my other updated ideas:

o Women – Select a dressy style jacket like one made out of velveteen, jacquard, or a new modern jacket worn over a satin blouse or camisole. Wear this with a dressy style of satin or velveteen jeans, or casual dressy trousers. Finish off the look with some dressy sandals or a new shoe bootie to look stylish.

o Men – Choose a tweed or herringbone sport coat worn over a polo-style merino sweater or a solid sport shirt. Wear this with a pair of khakis or dress trousers. Another look is a v-neck sweater worn with a sport shirt paired with a pair of khakis and leather slip-on moccasins.

Festive Attire

This style of attire calls for colors and prints of the season. Remember though that a little color and print can go a long way when dressing in this holiday style.

o Men & Women – Wear beautiful colors like red, forest green, old gold, or platinum silver in your dresses, blouses, ties, shoes and handbags.

o Women – An elegant style dress in a deep rich color or a claret red silky blouse worn with winter white pants would look very festive. Add a pair of red or black patent shoes or evening sandals to complete the look.

o Men – A gentleman wearing a dark suit worn with a beautiful red satin power tie or a diagonal strip with colors like forest green and old gold looks festive and you can wear these items all year round with other dress shirts and suits. For dressy attire – wear a dress shirt made out of a dressier fabric to look appropriate at this level.

o Wearing Prints – If your personality wants to wear a festive print, select a great sweater from Ralph Lauren for women or Polo for men with a reindeer print on a classic pullover. You could also choose a holiday print tie or socks made out of a small print. Be sure to keep your prints to the small to medium range so that you don’t let them overwhelm you.

Dressy Attire
Dressy attire indicates that the occasion is not formal black tie, but one step below that level. When an invitation calls for this type of dress, it usually indicates that the setting and the environment will be a bit more formal than a casual affair.

o Men – A suit is always a good choice for this dress code. This is a great time to wear your French-cuffed shirt with your cufflinks. If you want to wear a sport coat, select a black jacket worn with a black dress shirt and no tie, or a black or gray turtleneck paired with charcoal dress pants and black dress shoes.

o Women – dressy attire calls for dressier fabrics, jewelry, shoes and accessories. This season it’s all about “shine.” You could wear a dressy suit made out of a more luxurious fabric or try a dressy, stylish dress made out of satin, silk or taffeta in a beautiful rich color. Try some new colors this season that match your skin tone. Everyone wears black and it’s all about color this fall/winter season. Choose some shiny metallic sandals or evening shoes and a great handbag that complement the shoes. This is the time to bring out those diamond and cubic zirconia necklace and earrings to sparkle and shine.

When attending a corporate office party, you can dress up and express yourself with your style. However, don’t wear clothes that are too revealing. When your party invitation arrives, plan to shop early while there are still great selections in the store to find the perfect party wear!

Fabulous Quinceanera Dresses for Stylish Young Women

The Quinceanera is probably the most anticipated upscale event in a girl’s young life. She will want to appear gorgeous and confident in front of her family and friends. So selecting the right Quinceanera dress is of major importance if she wants to look and feel her best on her special day. Thankfully, girls today have a wide range of choices of fabulously stylish dresses to wear at their “coming out” party.

Tulle Ballgown with Satin Beaded Halter Bodice

This dramatic outfit is the quintessential Quinceanera dress. That’s largely because it comes with a fancy halter neckline that showcases your shoulders and arms. Exquisite beading on both the halter and the satin bodice contrasts nicely with the full tulle skirt that will help you give the illusion of gliding effortlessly into any room.

Organza Gown with Floral Detail

This dress is ideal for any young lady to show the world that she is all grown up. It has a full skirt made of striking, ethereal organza that extends to the floor. The pleated surplice bodice with spaghetti straps is simultaneously modern and classic. But the most distinguishing feature of this dress is the three-dimensional floral detail on the skirt and the delicate pearls at the waist.

Beaded Lace, Satin & Tulle Ball Gown

Do you want to look exactly like a beautiful princess on your special day? Then you’ll love this floor-length gown with a full tulle skirt and an incredibly flattering basque waist. And the intricate satin bodice sparkles with beaded lace and corset detail that is sure to turn some heads.

Strapless Taffeta Gown with Draped Bodice

Some girls prefer to show off their bronze, sensuous shoulders. This strapless dress will accomplish that goal in style. This taffeta A-line dress begins with a draped bodice that boasts enchanting beaded detail. The floor-length, side drape skirt slims and flatters any figure, and the draping wraps around the back side of the dress to add a touch of elegance to the ensemble.

Satin Off-the-Shoulder A-Line with Side-Drape

This floor-length gown is extremely flattering for full-figured girls. Its feminine A-line silhouette with a side drape is soft and slimming for all body types. It also features a romantic off-the-shoulder neckline which is gracefully detailed with soft pleats, and the dress has plenty of exquisite detail throughout.

Simply Elegant Strapless Gown with Ribbon

Some young ladies like to keep things simple but add a hint of flair and personality that is all their own. For them, we present this stunning satin dress with an A-line skirt that extends to the floor. The fitted bodice is straightforward, yet chic. The waist can be accented with a ribbon sash that is available in twenty different colors – including apple, sangria, lapis, and horizon blue.

Satin Side Drape Gown with Tiered Skirt

If a girl loves tiers, it demonstrates that her apparel tastes are wise and mature beyond her years. This lovely floor-length tiered skirt looks like it came straight off the cover of a popular fashion magazine. The side drape made of satin serves to perfectly highlight any girl’s figure. The look is finished off wonderfully with a pretty halter neckline to draw attention to the neck and shoulders.

Strapless Satin Beaded Pick Up Gown

This white or ivory dress is guaranteed to make the young lady who wears it feel like a queen on her Quinceanera. The fashionable pick up skirt is trendy and delicately draped, giving it a romantic look. The distinctive bodice is highlighted with attractive beaded appliqué and adds just the right touch to this strapless matte satin gown.

Strapless Taffeta Ball Gown with Beaded Bodice

For the girl who wants a Quinceanera dress that is full of color, this gown comes in apple, horizon, malibu, regency, sunbeam or watermelon. The eye-catching full ball gown features sumptuous pick up detailing all over the skirt. Shimmering jewel detail adorns the inverted-V empire waist that flatters anyone’s figure. And the stylish lace-up back and the spectacular metallic lace detail on the strapless bodice are the “icing on the cake.”

Satin A-line with Beaded Lace and Tiered Skirt

This festive dress will be chosen by the girl who longs to be the life of the party. Available in six rich colors, this outfit encapsulates the perfect blend of simplicity and complexity with its traditional satin strapless bodice as well as the fashion-forward tiers on the floor-length skirt. An A-line silhouette is created by the side drape and gorgeous beaded lace detail decorates both the neckline and the edges of the skirt’s tiers.

Girls today are more conscious of current fashion trends than they have ever been before. As a result, they will want to incorporate their individual styles into their choice of Quinceanera dresses. Here’s the good news: young ladies don’t have to settle for dull, dreary garments on their long-awaited day. They have the freedom to express themselves any way they want – which will help make their Quinceanera an event to remember forever.

Elegant and Stylish Dresses for the Mother of Bride

So, the much awaited event of your daughter’s marriage has arrived. You were waiting for this event for a very long time, congratulations. What’s next? Not much to do. As all the expenses are done by the father of the bride, the only thing you would have to do is to select the elegant and stylish dress that gives you a grace on this special occasion.

If you are going for the gown, then you are making a great decision because gowns can be worn at the other occasions as well. You can wear them at some other places without leaving the impression of reuse. Before buying the gown, you must be aware about the measurements because the greatest problem in the formal wear is the exact size. Most of the times, people complain that the dress did not fit well and they did not feel comfortable in the dress that they purchased with so much pleasure. However, a good online store can solve your issue. You will be satisfied by using services of a reputable online store.

As you are next after the bride, so you should go for such colors for the dress that are somewhat lighter than the bride dress. You would be photographed frequently, so be wise in choosing such color that does not clash with the color of the bride. The types of gowns depend on the body structure and you can wear the gown as per your physique.

With age, men and women gain weight. Men get a pot belly while the women generally gain weight on the hips. So, for older women, pear shaped figure is the common one. And when you are going to choose for the dress as a bride mother, you must go for such dress that in spite of some weight, give you an elegant and stylish look. To solve this problem, visit a reputable online store and you would certainly get the solution.

Some mothers have a tall and slender body and there are many gowns that you can choose from. Any type of gown at this occasion will give you an elegant and stylish look if you have such enviable figure. You should be stylish and elegant with the latest designer gown in the market.

So, when you are going to choose the dress as a mother of bride, you should be very specific and conscious, keep the color of your bride’s dress in your mind and you would able to make a very good decision.