Stylish Dresses For Hen Night Parties

Generally, hen parties are carefully planned. They are important events in the life of future brides and so they are full of anticipation. A few weeks ago I heard a friend talking about a future bride who had simply forgotten about her own hen party.

She was the type that liked being in charge of things but didn’t realize she would have her hands full with the wedding preparations. At some point she was contemplating her beautiful wedding dress when a relative asked her if she was invited to the hen party. It was only then that she remembered that the bridesmaids hadn’t organized anything. She had forbidden them to and afterward completely forgot about her own pledge. I couldn’t help but wonder how could a bride-to-be have overlooked something so important as her farewell party?

I continued listening to the story as I was curious what happened next. Apparently she decided there was no point in panicking and called all her bridesmaids. They promised to come as soon as possible and so they did. When they understood how serious the situation was, some suggested there shouldn’t be any party at that point and that they should wait until after the wedding. They all concluded a hen party was a must so they had a brainstorming session and all aspects were solved.

They booked rooms in the most luxurious hotel in town. After a sensational dinner at the restaurant of the hotel, they were going to have a spa session and then party like crazy in the bar. The maid of honor knew the manager and she arranged to have the bar to themselves for the entire night. She also hired a DJ and a few waiters that were to be at their disposal till dawn.

The next morning they were going to have a great brunch and another session at the spa. My friend was saying the future bride had opted for these last two treats because she wanted them to look their best at the wedding which was approaching fast.